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Save $2,000 - $3,000 per month from your household budget!
The more dollars ($$$) an idea has, the more interesting the idea and the more money you can make or save.

Save on average $1,000 per month from your personal budget, $2,000-$3,000 per month from your household budget.

Over 40 proven ideas for you to make money or earn extra income.

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1.$$$ Make $1,000+ per month – For women: Start clothing business with clothing from other girlfriends
2.$$$ Make $300-$500 per month (per person) or up to $1,000 per month of higher household income – Negotiate with current (and future) employer for more corporate-paid benefits
3.$$ Make $500 - $1,000 per month – Rent out your bedroom apartment as daily hotel-room at $30-$50 per day
4.$$$ Make $1,000+ per month – Doing jobs for family and friends
5.$$$ Cash in for retirement – Close mortgage – Sell house to relatives
6.$$$ Make $5,000+ per deal – Earn money for co-guaranteeing a car lease for someone
7.$$ Save $300+ per month – Carpooling with family and share purchase of expensive car with family
8.$$ Save $500-$700 per month – Get rid of second car, get rid of full option insurance
9.$$ Save $100-$200 per month – Get rid of expensive car finance, sell car and get a cheap, personal car lease
10.$$ Save $100s per month – Have relative like parents/grandparents or wife/husband to take a cheap, consolidated loan to cover your expensive credit card debt while you pay that loan and co-guarantee the loan
11.$$ Save $100+ per month – Get family health coverage for insurance instead of individual coverage
12.$$ Save $100 per month – Health insurance – Instead of basic health coverage, pay the medications yourself, only pay for hospitalization insurance
13.$$ Save $600+ per month – Get other people live in with you (like parents, grandparents), rent out spare rooms, live together, get sunny retirement retreat for (grand)parents
14.$$$ Buy a sunny retreat for (grand)parents and have them pay the mortgage while you live in with them
15.$$$ Save $500-$1,000 per month – Use a lumpsum from the (grand)parents/family to cover expensive short-term debt (like credit card debt) in order for a 10-year free rent/retirement or for a shared car lease/car purchase
16.$$$ Save $1,000+ per month – Pay down mortgage with savings if nearing retirement (age 50-55+)
17.$$ Save $250+ per month (per child) – Reduce the cost of activities with children
18.$$ Save $300 per month – Refinance mortgage or renegotiate mortgage with bank
19.$$ Save $40-$100 per month – Get rid of private mortgage insurance if you have 20% of built-up home equity
20.$$ Save $100s per month – Convert your credit card debt into a 5-to-10-year personal, consolidated (home equity) loan
21.$$ Save $50 per month – Save money on credit cards – Transfer credit card high APR balance into low APR credit cards
22.$$ Save $100 per month – Use savings to pay off credit card debt
23.$$ Save $100+ per month – Remove Late Payments: An Example “Goodwill Letter” for Credit Card Accounts
24.$$ Save $200 per month – Renegotiate with other people to pay their share of the bills and have your girlfriend/spouse save money as well
25.$$ Save $100-$200 per month – Save money on dine-outs
26.$$ Save $100+ per month – Save money on fuel costs
27.$$ Save $100+ per month – Save money with biofuel
28.$$ Save $100 per month – Increase car insurance deductibles
29.$$ Save $100+ per month – Save money on car insurance
30.$$ Save $50 per month – Make sure you are not over-insured on your house
31.$$ Save $100s per month – Save money on life insurance – get the barest amount of insurance you need
32.$$ Save $1,000 per year – Save money on vacations
33.$$ Make $100+ per month – Rent out your parking space
34.$$ Save $200 per month – Eat with family for free
35.$$ Save $50 per month – Reduce water use
36.$$ Save $50-$100 per month – Save money on suntanning
37.$$ Save $100 per month – Save money on energy – turning off the AC or use timer
38.$$ Save $100 per month – Save money on electricity-spending in house
39.$$ Save $100 per month – Save money on heating
40.$$ Save $100 per month – Go shopping once per week instead of many times per week and shop with listing
41.$$ Save $200-$400 per month – Save money on groceries
42.$$ Save $50 per month – Use email and (internet) fax service instead of regular mail to communicate
43.$$ Save $50 per month – Use the internet to shop for the cheapest products
44.$$ Save $100+ per month – 11 Coupon ideas to get the most bang for the buck
45.$$ Save $50-$100 per month – Learn you children and your loved one to be (more) frugal too
46.$$$ Make $1,000 per month – Help other people get a job and have them tax-deduct job-related expenses
47.$$ Save $100+ per month – Have (young) children spend time with other family members
48.$$ Save $100-$200 per month – Save money on phone, television, internet and cable communications
49.$$$ Save $50,000 (per child) – Have children attend public college first - reduce costs for saving for children college, university or while they are studying
50.$$$ Make $1,000 per month – Retire with $250,000 in savings and keep the house – retire smart

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If you save $1,000 per month yielding 10% annually (like with the stock market invested in dividend stocks or by trading "riskfree" high-return covered calls), you will have accumulated $1 million in 24 years time!